176 – Dealing with market uncertainty – Michael Grech

Well, that was a fun ride!

With 2020 coming to a close, we’ve now got a great opportunity to stop for a breather (phew!), look at some of the craziness that has happened this year and identify how we can use those insights to improve our trading even more in the future.

On this episode of BST Live Michael Grech joins us to discuss 2020 and how we can better deal with market uncertainty. Here are just some of the tips you’ll discover:

  • Why 2020 has produced 5 years of market action in 1 year,
  • How this year has produced outsized returns for some trading styles and what could happen next,
  • Understanding your strategy, how it reacts to markets and when to stop trading it,
  • The future impacts of 2020 on backtesting, reoptimization and quant trading,
  • What could crash an overvalues stockmarket if a global pandemic can’t,
  • Tail-risk hedging during volatility environments,
  • The drawbacks and dangers of using indicators in trading, plus…
  • The psychology of gains and losses, the information we don’t see as traders, the best risk management tool you can possibly have and MUCH more.

You can discover more from Mike at http://quantopolis.com

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