Learn all the best DSP and Cycles trading techniques in just 3 days.

An intimate and no-holds-barred 3 day personal workshop with John Ehlers

Imagine having a Roadmap for using DSP and Cycles in your own trading

In this workshop, John will guide you step-by-step on how to get started applying Digital Signal Processing and Cycles techniques in your own trading.

From basic concepts right through to advanced techniques, John is going to share all of his research with you .

In this exclusive workshop you'll learn...

By the time you complete the 3 day workshop you will have a solid understanding of:

  • The spectral structure of the markets and how that data helps to formulate your models, filters and indicators.
  • How to use advanced DSP techniques - only a small subset apply to trading, you'll know which ones and how to use them.
  • Indicators that really indicate - indicators that can actually be used to make predictions and project prices into the future.
  • Techniques to creating robust trading strategies across all different symbols, timeframes and market conditions.
  • The most important factors you need to understand for successful Intraday trading strategies.

What people say about John Ehlers

"If John Ehlers writes it, I read it. He's that brilliant.

- Larry Williams

"It's refreshing to find new ideas in a business that's become so competitive and often filled with variations on the same themes.

- Perry Kaufman

"John Ehlers ranks with Art Merrill as the best quantitative technical analyst of the twentieth and, probably, the twenty-first century.

 - John Sweeney

"John is one of those rare breed of analysts who dives into the why and how of things and not the often used superficial approach.

 - Greg Morris

Here's what you'll get

  • A deep understanding of market action 
  • Disclosed MESA algorithm 
  • Advanced EasyLanguage Indicator codes 
  • Robust EasyLanguage Strategy codes 
  • MESA Phasor - $3000 value
  • MESA Intraday v3 - $3000 value
  • 7 Daily trading strategies
  • 7 Intraday trading strategies

Workshop syllabus

Module 1 - Data

How to match the data structure to the market model, leading to indicators and filters that show up the market activity the best.

  • What are cycles? 
  • Wave Power – decibels 
  • Fractals 
  • Pink Noise 
  • Swerling Noise 
  • Spectral Dilation 
  • Sampled data theory 
  • Aliasing 
  • Chart patterns 
  • Fibonacci series 
  • Number theory 
  • Complex Variables 
  • Trigonometry Review 

Module 2 - Filter Theory

What traders need to understand about filter theory and how it applies to indicators of any kind.

  • Transfer response 
  • Z Transforms 

Module 3 - Filters and Indicators

Starting at the beginning with general indicators and filters before moving through to more advanced filters, including a special technique never published before.

  • Finite Impulse Response Filters (FIR) 
  •  - SMA 
  •  - Binomial 
  •  - Critical Period 
  •  - Computational Lag 
  • Infinite Impulse Response Filters (IIR) 
  •  - EMA 
  •  - Critical Period 
  • High Pass Filters 
  • SuperSmoother 
  • Roofing Filter
  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC) 
  • Deviation Scaling
  • BandPass Filter  
  • Decyclers 
  • Filt11 Techniques 
  • MESA Predict
  • Correlation 
  • Super PassBand Filter 
  • Swiss Army Knife 
  • Chebyshev Filter
  • Error Correcting Codes 
  • Reverse EMA
  • MyStochastic
  • Rocket RSI
  • Transforms 
  •  - Fisher and Inverse Fisher 
  •  - Hilbert 
  •  - Peaking Filters

Module 4 - Cycle measuring techniques

John has never shared his MESA algorithm before but at this workshop he finally will! Be one of the select few to see it, plus, he’ll also share a number of other techniques, including one traders should not use.

  • MESA (never before disclosed) 
  • DFT 
  • Autocorrelation Periodogram 
  • Bandpass Filter Bank
  • Signal to Noise Ratio
  • Dual Differentiator 
  • Homodyne Discriminator 
  • Phase Accumulation 
  • Pisarenko Harmonic Decomposition 
  • Goertzel

Module 5 - Swamichart indicators*

It's important to see things in context. Learn how swamichart indicators can be used to see how a short term calculation fits into the context of the longer term.

Module 6 - Trading strategy concepts

Techniques to measuring robustness and the key parameters you need to pay attention to in order to create useful trading systems.  

  • Key parameters 
  • Excel Coin Toss Test 
  • Parameter Optimization 
  • How to evaluate Robustness 
  • Monte Carlo Simulation 

Module 7 - Unpublished Robust Trading Strategies (daily bars)* 

A selection of strategies John has created over the years, including the MESA Phasor ($3000 value) and an automatic self-adjusting strategy that adapts to market conditions for dramatic performance.

  • MESA Phasor ($3000 value)
  • Complex Angle
  • Correlation Angle 
  • Correlation 
  • Enigma
  • MyRSI
  • PassBand
  • Ultimate Angle

Module 8 - Unpublished Robust Intraday Trading Strategies* 

A selection of trading strategies designed specifically for intraday use, including the MESA Intraday V3 ($3000 value).

  • MESA Intraday V3 ($3000 value) 
  • 15min Bandpass
  • 15min Chebyshev
  • 15min Correlation Angle
  • 15min Double Octave 
  • 15min Octave
  • 15min Passband
  • 15min SuperSmoother Difference

*Indicator and Strategy Easy Language Code will be provided in electronic format.

New for the 2018 Workshop!

  • Zero Lag Filters
  • Predictive Filters
  • Chebyshev Filters
  • Rocket RSI
  • Recursive Median
  • Deviation Scaling
  • Deviation Scaled Adaptive Moving Average
  • How to Evaluate Strategy Robustness
  • How to Optimize a Strategy for Out-of-Sample Performance
  • Maximally Robust Intraday Strategy
  • Correct Position Sizing

Where is the workshop and when?


October 12 - October 14, 2018


Cavalier Resort, San Simeon, California

(limited number of discounted rooms available)


Must sign a non-commercial NDA 


Working familiarity with EasyLanguage

High School Algebra and Trigonometry

Limited spots available

Workshop numbers are limited due to the size of the venue and seats are filling up fast.

There are also a limited number of discounted rooms available at the resort, so get in quick to avoid missing out. Act now!

Take your DSP and Cycle trading to the next level fast.

Here's what you get:

  • 3 days instruction with John Ehlers
  • Disclosed MESA algorithm 
  • Advanced Indicator codes (EasyLanguage)
  • Robust Strategy codes (EasyLanguage)
  • MESA Phasor - $3000 value 
  • MESA Intraday v3 - $3000 value
  • 7 additional Daily trading strategies
  • 7 additional Intraday trading strategies
  • Breakfast, lunch, and morning and afternoon snacks

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