022 – Prop Trading & using statistics to find an edge – Robert Bubalovski


Robert Bubalovski is the Managing Director and Head Trader at TradeView investments, a privately held proprietary trading firm located in Melbourne, Australia.

Since 1996 Robert has been actively involved in the financial markets and trading, in 2012 he decided to set up his own Proprietary Trading Firm to concentrate on his own trading strategies.

His team of professional proprietary traders specialize in the trading of Equities, Futures, Options, FX and Money Markets across multiple exchanges around the globe and around the clock.

In this weeks episode we discuss prop trading, the challenges and lessons from beginner trader to starting an investment firm and what it takes to be a successful trader. We also discuss arbitrage and pairs trading strategies, statistical rather than indicator-based trading and the importance of simplicity.


Topics discussed

  • The pros and cons of prop trading
  • The progress of a prop trader and how long it can take to be successful
  • The attributes of successful traders
  • Advice for those wanted to get started in prop trading
  • Arbitrage and Pairs trading
  • Index arbitrage
  • Selecting stock pairs for arbitrage opportunities
  • Getting started in pairs trading/arbitrage
  • The benefits and dangers of pair trading indices vs stocks
  • Why keeping strategies simple is so important
  • The main attributes a trader needs to be successful
  • How to increase trade size and be comfortable with it
  • The advantages of strategies based on statistics rather than indicators

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Top tips from this episode

Here are few of my favourite takeaways from the chat with Rob:

  • Arbitrage – I was quite interested in hearing about arbitrage or pairs trading. Not having much experience with arbitrage myself I found some of the ideas Rob provided quite interesting and perhaps worth further investigation.
  • Statistical trading – Rob talked about using statistics for trading rather than indicators, because “Statistical trading is leading, indicators are lagging”. One example he gave was how being aware of an instruments ADR (Average Daily Range) can be helpful when trading.
  • Tips for success – Rob really emphasized that successful traders need to have just that little bit extra. If you’ve hit the wall and you think you can’t get over it you just have to keep pushing. I also liked his quote “If you think like everyone else it might take you a lot longer to be successful”.

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