041 – Collaboration with Michael Cook and Kevin Davey


For those traders looking for an edge in every aspect of trading, today’s topic is something that isn’t discussed too much but has had a great impact on the 2 guests of this episode.

The topic is collaboration in trading and the guests are Michael Cook and Kevin Davey.

Both guests have appeared on the podcast before, with Michael being a guest on Episode 39 and Kevin being a guest on Episode 5 and Episode 38.

Both have extensive trading experience, successfully trading their own money and others.

In this episode they share the impact collaboration has had on their own trading as well as why collaboration is so important, the actual benefits to traders, how to find the right people and tips to maximising effectiveness.

In this episode we discuss

  • Why it pays to put the work into strategies other people would find awkward or too difficult
  • Why collaboration is so important in trading
  • The benefits of collaboration and what you could be missing out on
  • The different levels of collaboration and tips to maximising it’s effectiveness
  • How to determine if someone may be a good fit for collaboration
  • How to find traders to collaborate with
  • The most important aspects of trading
  • The most common mistake traders make

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Top tip(s) from this episode

  • Collaboration – It’s not something I’d considered in trading before and I haven’t really seen it discussed too much so it was really interesting to hear some successful traders share the impact it has had on them. As they mentioned, collaboration doesn’t have to be actual working together, it can be as simple as a regular chat with other traders, and as Michael and Kevin mentioned there can be a huge amount of value by doing so, including new ideas or concepts, fresh perspectives, support; a whole host of benefits.


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