054 – From trading ideas to robust strategies

To prepare for the previous episode on system trading through the Brexit, I had to dig through some of the past podcast episodes for background information.

As I was going through them I realized there was so much great information there, some that I had already forgotten about.

Such a shame, all that valuable trading information just sitting there, waiting for our attention, so I thought it must be time to pull out the highlight reel from past episodes.

Here’s the plan…

Last year, we did a podcast episode with highlights from episodes 1- 20.

Today, we’re going to share lessons and highlights from episodes 21-40.

Here are some of the topics we’ll be sharing with you:

  • How to never run out of trading ideas,
  • The importance of creativity and a simple technique to increase creativity,
  • How to manage data mining and avoid overfitting,
  • A number of approaches to building robust trading strategies,
  • How to bet bigger with a smaller overall risk,
  • Plus much more!

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