070 – Risk Management with Robert Carver


Risk Management…

It’s not as sexy as the latest hot indicator…

Or the undiscovered penny stock poised for an explosive move…

Or the trading guru who appeared out of nowhere and is now promising to share the “secrets” to making million dollar profits overnight…

But there are a whole host of risks that have the potential to destroy trading accounts in just seconds, so it’s an incredibly important topic for serious traders to consider.

We have plenty of examples in history that show what happens when Risk Management goes bad, so what can we learn from these and how can we best protect ourselves from catastrophic losses?

Our guest for this episode, Robert Carver, is an independent systematic trader, freelance writer and research consultant.

He spent years working for one of the world’s largest systematic hedge funds and is the author of “Systematic Trading: A unique new way to make investment and trading decisions.”

In this episode, Rob shares with us:

  • The different types of risk we face as traders – including ‘hidden’ risks that can destroy trading accounts in seconds
  • What can go wrong when Risk Management goes bad (we have some great examples in history to learn from!)
  • Common mistakes and assumptions traders make with Risk Management that can lead to heavy losses
  • Tips and techniques to identifying and “managing” Risk

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