082 – Machine Learning with Kris Longmore

Machine learning has seen a huge amount of growth over recent years with the increase in available data and processing power.

It’s an incredibly powerful toolset for uncovering patterns and relationships in data, however, these tools can be challenging to learn, apply correctly and are also open to abuse.

Our guest for the episode, Kris Longmore from Robot Wealth, specializes in Machine Learning, Algorithmic Trading and Artificial Intelligence.

He is the co-founder and Head of Quantitative Research at Quantify Partners and also provides consulting and educational services through his website Robot Wealth.

In this episode Kris is going to share with us some of his insights into Machine Learning and strategy validation, including:

  • How Machine Learning can be used to analyse huge amounts of data, uncover patterns and relationships, and define a trading edge,
  • How Machine Learning tools can be abused and the common mistakes that traders make with Machine Learning,
  • Strategy validation techniques that best suit market data and 1 popular technique that shouldn’t be used,
  • How to approach the vast libraries of algorithms available today,
  • Why delaying the trading process can lead to opportunity cost and how to know when a model is ready for trading.

Resources mentioned in this episode

  • You can get more from Kris on his website robotwealth.net
  • Books mentioned in the show:

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