091 – Leveraging Exits with Laurent Bernut

“When you have a bad entry, you can always work your way around it, but when you have a bad exit, this is final… This is when the P&L gets printed.” – Laurent Bernut

Exits have such a dramatic impact on overall strategy performance, so having a full and proper understanding of the best way to leverage exits is absolutely essential.

In this episode, Laurent Bernut from Alpha Secure Capital combines his witty sense of humor with his knowledge of exits, to entertain and to also share:

  • How to classify exits and set them to achieve much clearer, neater, and better trading strategies,
  • A simple technique to determine if you’ve overstayed your welcome in a trade, stay too long and you could suffer!
  • How to use “the game of two-thirds” to determine the length of a time-exit,
  • Plus much more, including the correct way to think about stop-losses, how to deal with free-loaders in a portfolio and the ultimate entry technique to test you have a robust exit strategy.

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