094 – Cornering the market with Kurt Sakaeda

How many traders do you know that have successfully cornered a market?

If you’re not familiar with the term ‘corner the market’, it means to get enough control of a commodity, stock or other asset so that you can manipulate the price.

There are a number of documented cases in history where people have tried…

… and it usually doesn’t work out too well for them!

This weeks podcast guest Kurt Sakaeda has cornered a market, however it was more of an amusing accident that an intentional act.

And this is just one of the entertaining stories Kurt shares with us in our chat today.

Those familiar with the World Cup Trading championships would recognize Kurts name because he’s won it a few times, with his first win in 2000 so he’s been trading for a while.

In our chat with Kurt we discuss a mixture of trading topics, including:

  • How to include seasonality in trading models and why you don’t need to worry about curve-fitting seasonal trades,
  • The dangers of counterparty risk and how to reduce them,
  • Finding profitable trades in a crisis, and
  • How Kurt accidentally cornered a futures market and the amusing results – the ‘authorities’ weren’t too happy.

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