1000+ trading strategies and counting

Why would you want 1000 trading strategies? You can’t trade them all!

Last week we held a breakout trading webinar and attendee Marcus raised this great question.

Tomas Nesnidal had just explained the process he used to build over 1,000 different breakout strategies for the hedge fund he launched last year.

Not just any old strategies either, strategies that had passed rigorous robustness testing and were ready for trading.

Anyway, Tomas raised the TOP 5 ADVANTAGES on why you’d want 1000+ trading strategies ready to go:

  • You can dramatically reduce risk through diversification by covering many different markets, timeframes, trading style and logic,
  • You can have the luxury of choosing from many uncorrelated strategies for a potentially smoother equity curve,
  • You can increase the frequency of trades, which can help you to recover from drawdowns faster,
  • You can have more opportunities to exercise a trading edge – when one market isn’t moving then other markets probably are,
  • You can have the luxury of not caring so much if strategies fail because you have many more ready to go – it removes the stress and pressure of relying on one or two strategies to perform.

A large selection of strategies at your disposal 24/7 can be an incredible advantage, and it doesn’t have to take 20 years to achieve.

The beauty of the approach Tomas used to create all of these strategies, for both the futures and stock markets, is that the method is actually fast and simple.

Anybody can apply it – even if you’re busy with a full-time job, study, kids, pets or other commitments.

If you’d like to hear how Tomas did it and how you can apply this method to your own strategy development process, we have one more LIVE webinar planned for this Wednesday 10th, 8pm Eastern US time, and it’s free.

Come along and hear Tomas share the 3 main components you need to build lots of robust breakout strategies fast.

You can register for the LAST live webinar here.



8 January 2018

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