137 – Profiting from persistent market anomalies with Dimitri Speck

Our guest for this podcast episode, Dimitri Speck, first became interested in the markets as a child when he found gold while diving at the beach.

And even though trading isn’t usually as easy as just picking up gold off the ground, Dimitri has spent years diving deep into the markets and uncovering hidden and consistent anomalies that traders and investors of all styles can profit from.

In this episode he’s going to share some of these powerful insights with us, including:

  • How understanding Intraday behaviours can help you to get better prices and additional edge on trade execution,
  • The 4 specific hours of the day that would have given you most of the last 10 years of S&P returns (hint: it’s probably not what you think),
  • The 1 market event that has produced almost the entire S&P performance over the past 20 years in just 6% of the days,
  • The challenges of accurately measuring these anomalies which could give you misleading results,
  • The 3 simple techniques traders of all styles can use to apply these behaviours to their own trading,
  • Plus much more.


Watch Dimitri’s Webcast presentation

Click here to watch Dimitri’s Webcast presentation for the CMT association, titled ‘HOW INVESTORS CAN BENEFIT FROM RECURRING EVENTS, CYCLES AND SEASONALITIES’.

Note: You need to be a CMT member to watch it – if you’re not currently a member you should join!

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