172 – The Magic of Momentum Trading – Alan Clement

I’ve been sitting here for 5 mins trying to come up with a witty intro for this episode about momentum, but I just couldn’t seem to get it going, so… ?

In this episode of BST Live, quant trader Alan Clement from Helix Trader discusses momentum trading & strategies, including:

  • Why momentum trading is so popular and how it works,
  • What makes a good trend indicator and the 4 best indicators to identify trends,
  • Why the moving average is not a good trend indicator,
  • How to rank stocks by momentum and how many momentum stocks to hold in a portfolio,
  • The danger of stops and using momentum for exits instead,
  • How dual momentum protects during Bear markets and market crashes,
  • Filtering out false signals in indicators,
  • Plus, market regimes, shorting weak stocks, position sizing, and much more!

You can discover more from Alan at: https://www.HelixTrader.com and https://www.SmartSystematicTrading.com

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