173 – Trend Trading Tactics – Brent Penfold

No doubt you’ve heard the saying “the trend is your friend”. 

It’s been around for so long I heard Moses was considering it as one of the 10 commandments.

But, if the trend really IS your friend, why can trend trading be so frustratingly difficult sometimes?

The underlying concept is dead simple, so why do even bright people struggle in the markets, and what can the bright and beautiful people like you and I do to make trend trading friendlier? 

In this new episode of BST Live, global futures trader Brent Penfold joins us to discuss trend trading tactics, including:

  • Why trend trading is so difficult for traders,
  • Why traders should be careful using indicators,
  • How to overcome challenging periods in trend trading,
  • The surprising robustness of really old strategies,
  • Why bright people struggle in the markets,
  • Drawdown, risk, position sizing, volatility cycles, data mining and much more.

You can discover more from Brent at: https://www.indextrader.com.au

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