184 – Increasing returns using “Performance Qualifiers” – Tomas Nesnidal

Breakout trading specialist and Hedge Fund manager Tomas Nesnidal joins us to discuss how to increase the returns of trading strategies using “Performance Qualifiers” while also managing risk, including:

  • What is Dynamic Position Sizing (DPS) and how can it improve risk-adjusted returns,
  • How Dynamic Position Sizing is different to classical position sizing (and why DPS is better),
  • Why it’s important for traders to connect position size with what’s going on in the markets, instead of just their equity curve,
  • The 5 groups of Performance Qualifiers and how to use them to identify the probabilities of future trades,
  • Why using filters to improve trading strategies can be dangerous (and DPS is a much better option instead),
  • Plus, Dynamic Position Sizing and risk management, Optimal-f and older position sizing techniques, Dynamic Position Sizing for stocks, forex and other markets, why it’s important for traders to try new concepts, and much more.

Download the free DPS ebook at https://dpstradingtechnique.com  or discover more from Tomas at https://systemsontheroad.com

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