144 – Building dynamic trading strategies with TraderJanie

One of the biggest issues we have as systematic and algorithmic traders is that the markets are dynamic and constantly changing, however its quite common to build trading strategies that are static and are designed to take advantage of an optimal set of conditions which don’t actually last very long, if at all.

This can cause periods of good and poor performance as trading strategies fall in and out of sync with the markets, so it makes logical sense to try including some adaptive elements into trading strategies to help them adjust better to the markets as they change.

Our guest for this episode is Jane Fox, aka TraderJanie.

Jane runs the website Quantitrader, and is here to share some of the techniques she uses to add  dynamic abilities to her trading strategies, plus we discuss some other important topics too, including:

  • The top 3 components of trading strategies and how adding adaptability to these components can improve a trading strategy,
  • Why static stop losses could be hurting your trading performance and some techniques Jane uses to overcome these issues,
  • How a ‘circuit breaker’ can save your trading account when things turn ugly,
  • A dynamic position sizing technique Jane uses to increase returns while also reducing drawdowns,
  • Plus a whole lot more so let’s get started with my chat with TraderJanie.

''There are adages you hear in the stockmarket that are untested, people take them as verbatim.'' - TraderJanie Share on X


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''Max drawdown is important, but there’s also many other things like average drawdown and drawdown duration.'' - TraderJanie Share on X

''I have found that the Connors RSI has absolutely given me the best performance.'' - TraderJanie Share on X

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