Correction, Crash or Bear?

I saw an interesting article on CNBC last week suggesting the current market volatility is reminiscent of the 1987 crash.

It’s a good deal more volatile than almost anything else you’ve seen” veteran trader Art Cashin says.

I haven’t studied the crash of 1987 and I definitely wasn’t trading then, but the guest in the podcast episode I’ll be releasing this weekend WAS trading during the ’87 crash and in that interview he shares his opinions on the current market environment and the risks too – so look out for that in just a few days time!

However, someone else that has detailed knowledge of corrections and crashes is Ivanhoff, author of the book ‘Crash – how to protect and grow capital during corrections.

Ivan was a guest on the BST podcast almost 1 year to the day, and considering the state of the markets recently it may be a good idea to review the knowledge he shared in that podcast episode, including:

  • Some of the warning signs a correction could be starting and how to protect your capital during market corrections,
  • The opportunities available in market corrections and how to take advantage of them to grow capital,
  • How the characteristics of corrections are changing over time and the impacts this could have for future market corrections,
  • Plus much more.

As Ivan said in that interview:

Just knowing when to stay on the sidelines is very, very important in this business.

You can listen to the interview with Ivanhoff here.


PS – Want to read the interview instead of listening to it? Grab a copy of the ‘Interview with Pro Traders’ series here


13 April 2018

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