How To Avoid Taking Losing Trades

Frustrated with taking too many losing trades? Here’s 3 simple tips you can use to avoid bad trades.

Algorithmic breakout trading specialists Tomas Nesnidal and Andrew Swanscott discuss “How To Avoid Taking Losing Trades”, including:

  • The 2 T’s formula for less losing trades,
  • The simple market analysis tool every trader can use,
  • Identifying Directional Bias to reduce losing trades,
  • How to deploy Timing to reduce false breakouts,
  • Using Trend to identify when not to trade,
  • Moving Average trend filters,
  • Plus much more.

Reduce false breakouts fast

False Breakouts suck! And they can seriously damage your trading account (and confidence).

Grab the free guide on how to avoid False Breakouts using the ‘Breakout Timing Pyramid’.

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Released: October 4, 2022

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