How To Beat The S&P 500 Index

Want to know how to beat the S&P 500 index with a simple 5 minute trading strategy?

Algorithmic breakout trading specialists Tomas Nesnidal and Andrew Swanscott discuss How To Beat The S&P 500 Index, including:

  • Why index trading is such a popular option for traders,
  • Average stock market returns and why it can be so easy to beat the index,
  • 4 simple principles to trade index markets,
  • Does the 200 day moving average actually work,
  • Using the ADX trend indicator for index trading,
  • Slippage, exiting trades end of the week, robustness, index tendencies fading,
  • PLUS we even test a basic index trading strategy in Tradestation to prove index tendencies work!

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Released: November 1, 2022

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