151 – Leveraging human behaviour to find quantifiable edges – Larry Connors

As Warren Buffet once said: “the stock market is a manic depressive.

The market can be full of euphoria and greed one moment, and switch to fear and panic the next.

This can often be a time of danger and high-risk for some traders, but for other traders it’s a time of immense opportunity.


In this podcast episode we’re joined by special guest Larry Connors.

Larry has over 30 years in the financial markets industry and has been featured on the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Dow Jones, & many others.

He has been providing high-quality, data-driven trading research for over 15 years, and I’m sure that many BST listeners have a stack of his books on their bookshelf. I definitely do!

In my chat with Larry you’ll discover:

  • How human emotions drive the market, and why it’s so important to look beyond price charts and indicators to understand what’s moving the market,
  • How we can leverage extremes in specific human emotions to create quantifiable and profitable edges,
  • How Larry came up with the idea of publishing his book ‘Buy the Fear, Sell the Greed’ and what traders can learn from it,
  • 3 simple indicators to quickly judge the mood of the market,
  • How Warren Buffets investment approach to be ‘fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful’ can also apply to short-term trading,
  • And yes, I’m going to ask Larry about that famous ‘Stops hurt’ chapter published over 10 years ago that still has people talking today,
  • Plus we cover a whole lot more.

''The edge goes to the traders who are stepping in and taking advantages of the fact that the risks are there in the marketplace.'' - Larry Connors Click To Tweet


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''We're all human. We're all susceptible to the news that's out there. If one doesn't have to listen to it, then one certainly has a big advantage.'' - Larry Connors Click To Tweet

''One tends to remember the losing trades better. And if you spend too much time dwelling on the winners, I don't think you grow. You really do grow from the times when those losses occur.'' - Larry Connors Click To Tweet

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