Missing the ‘hidden gems’

One of the things I really love about Melbourne is the ‘hidden gems’ (restaurants/bars) tucked away in the backstreets.

You could be walking down a laneway that looks empty, devoid of all life, and then suddenly discover an amazing bar, cafe or restaurant hidden away behind the alley walls.

However, you could easily miss some amazing places without even realising it, which is what happened to a mate and I a while back.

My friend had recently been to a whiskey bar called ‘Eau De Vie’, which is tucked away in a back alley of the city, and even though I’m not a whiskey drinker he urged me to come along and check it out.

So one night we decide to go, but we have quite a bit of trouble finding it.

We walk down the alley he thinks it’s in, but we find nothing…

It’s dark and there are no signs…

No special lights guiding thirsty patrons to the entrance…

No burly bouncers standing out the front…

No brightly coloured door or flashy handle…

Nothing at all.

No hints.

No clues.

Even though I was there with a mate who had been there before, we struggled to find the entrance, especially in the dim light, but when we finally did I was extremely surprised to find one of the coolest cocktail bars I’d been to in a while, and it was hidden down this dark alleyway!

Without my friend’s help, I probably never would have found it – I would never have even known to look there.

And he was the same, without someone recommending it to him, he never would have known it was there.

In my email earlier this week I shared a recommendation of a book called ‘How to get lucky‘ by Max Gunther, which is not a ‘trading book’, but still has alot of applications to trading.

Without a friend recommending the book to me, I probably never would have read it. I wouldn’t have even known it was there.

In response to that email, I received a number of other book recommendations, most of which are either unknown or vastly under-appreciated books that can have huge value for traders, if only they knew about them.

This got me thinking about all the other ‘undiscovered’ books out there, that traders could be missing.

We already know the Market Wizards books are a crowd favourite, but what about the hidden gems?

The ones that traders don’t usually talk about…

The lost treasures that don’t often make it on the ‘Top 5 trading books to read’ lists…

Do you know of any you can recommend?

If so, I’d love to hear about them, so email me and tell me what they are.

I’ll compile the recommendations into a list (your name withheld) and share them with everyone else – I have no doubt we’ll uncover some hidden gems!

So let me know, what books do you think are underrated or even unknown that can have a huge impact for traders?

What are other traders missing out on?

I look forward to hearing what they are (I’ll share some of my own as well).


PS. There are some ‘hidden gems’ in the ‘Interviews with Pro Traders’ ebooks too, you can find out more details here.


23 March 2018

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