Ugly market face

Gwen was a serious “two face”.

Sometimes she looked REALLY attractive…

But other times she looked like the beast from Beauty and the Beast…

So, who is Gwen?

Seinfeld fans will recognise this storyline as the episode where Jerry discovers his new girlfriend Gwen is much less attractive than when he first met her, because of different lighting.

And sometimes the market can be a serious “two face” too, especially with breakout strategies.

There are times when the market goes for a good run, and breakout strategies look absolutely beautiful…

And then there are times when the market looks ugly and breakout strategies suffer.

There are a number of techniques traders can use to detect when the market could be “ugly face”. Most traders will look at each individual rule in a trading strategy and try to refine them, but this can easily lead to a curve fit strategy that performs even uglier in real-life trading than if you’d just left the thing alone.

It’s a difficult challenge and there is no 100% solution, but with a multi-pronged approach even slight improvements can make a big difference over the long run.

So, what can you do?

We’ve just released a free pdf download called the “How to fix false breakouts fast quick guide“. It shares 4 simple steps you can take to start improving the timing of your breakout entries, and hopefully avoid “ugly market face”.

Click here to get your free copy now.




18 May 2018

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