115 – ‘Intelligent strategies that maintain themselves’ with David Stendahl

Glad you could join us today for our chat about intelligent systems that maintain themselves.

Sounds good doesn’t it?

Well actually, that’s not all we’re going to discuss today, we’ve got so much more than that.

Our guest for this episode is David Stendahl, from Signal Trading Group.

David is a CTA with more than 20 years of experience designing and trading systems, and not only is he an international speaker and the author of 4 books but he also co-created the backtester in Tradestation many years ago.

In this episode he’s got a lot to share with us, here are just some of the points we cover:

  • How to build intelligence into trading strategies so they dynamically adjust and maintain themselves over time,
  • The key to portfolio construction and the major factors to consider for effective diversification,
  • Why it can be better NOT to specialise in a particular market,
  • The main drivers behind strategies that have lasted more than 10 years in the markets,
  • How to assess if a strategy suits your personality.


You can learn more from David on his website signaltradinggroup.com or on twitter: @David_Stendahl

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