How can Better System Trader help your business?

What is Better System Trader?

Better System Trader is a podcast and blog dedicated to helping systematic traders of all levels improve their trading.

Each week we release a podcast episode with an expert trader, revealing their story, along with trading ideas, tips and actionable insights traders can use immediately.

The podcast was started by Andrew Swanscott, a systematic trader with more than 12 years trading experience, trading the US and Australian stock markets.

Andrew believes successful trading is a continuous journey and there are always to opportunities to improve and share with others.

Better System Trader was created to share the knowledge and experience of successful traders with others.

Who listens to Better System Trader?

We have listeners from 100+ different countries, with all levels of trading experience, trading different instruments and for various reasons. We asked our audience and this is what they told us:


Main Instrument Traded

Trading Experience

Reason for Trading

Why do traders love it so much?

Well take a look at some of the high-calibre guests we’ve had on the show so far:

Plus loads of other fine guests!

Here are a few things the listeners have to say:

Plus, we’ve been recommended by all these top-notch places:

How would you like to share your product or service

with all of these engaged traders?

Let’s talk numbers!

Single: 1 Episode

  • 1x 15-second sponsored message before the interview
  • 1x 60-second sponsored message during the interview
  • 7,000 guaranteed listeners per episode
  • Premium placement on 1x show notes page
  • Featured in 1x email newsletter
  • Listing in the Sponsors page

$350 per episode

Package: 4 Episodes

  • 4x 15-second sponsored message before the interviews
  • 4x 60-second sponsored message during the interviews
  • 28,000 guaranteed listeners over 4 episodes
  • Premium placement on 4x show notes pages
  • Featured in 4x email newsletters
  • Listing in the Sponsors page

$1200 package

How do sponsor messages get created?


Send us 10-20 talking points – or if you already know what you’d like us to say then just send that instead!


The Better System Trader creative team writes unique scripts that are sent to you for editing and approval.


The host Andrew Swanscott then records the messages and sends you a copy to listen to before final approval, adding them to the upcoming episodes.

Ready to move forward?

If you’d like to get started or just want to chat some more, send me an email – [email protected].

I look forward to hearing how we can help implement your marketing plans.

– Andrew

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