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Learn to develop trading strategies

Learn how to create your own trading strategies from World Cup Trading champion Kevin Davey, featured in Episode 5 of the podcast.

His ‘Strategy Factory’ workshop is not your typical trading course: This is a complete workshop on proper strategy development, taught by award winning full time trader and best selling author Kevin Davey, followed by 6 months of one-on-one e-mail support. PLUS, you’ll also receive fully disclosed code for 3 profitable strategies – strategies that Kevin actually trades.

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Here is a webinar with Kevin discussing the benefits and results of the Strategy Factory concept

Note: this is NOT a programming course. If you want to learn to program your own strategies check the following sections.


I test all my systems using AmiBroker. In my opinion it is the best software to use and has much more functionality than it’s more expensive competitors. You can download a free trial here.

Program your own trading strategies

  • Would you like to able test your trading ideas to separate the good from the bad?
  • Would you like to get trading signals from your new strategies?
  • Would you like to learn from a person who has been programming computers for 30 years and programming 13 years in AmiBroker?
  • End your frustration of not knowing where to start using AmiBroker.

Cesar Alvarez from Alvarez Quant Trading, who was featured in Episode 3 of the podcast, has been programming and back testing ideas in AmiBroker since 2001. For 9 years, he was the Director of Research for Connors Research where he created hundreds of trading strategies. He has taught AmiBroker at weekend trading seminars. Cesar will teach you the basics of programming and then walk you through the creation and testing a strategy.

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Solve your Amibroker problems

  • Do you have a trading idea that you want to confirm works? It is cheaper to test it than it is to trade it and lose money.
  • Want to have signals generated and an Interactive Brokers basket file created?
  • Do you use AmiBroker and Excel and want automation between them?

Cesar Alvarez from Alvarez Quant Trading can handle all of your AmiBroker coding needs.

Click for assistance with your coding projects

Learn to trade Forex and Indices from a prop trading firm

Trade View Investments, a proprietary trading firm based in Melbourne, Australia, offer trading courses for beginner to advanced traders. Learn how to create automated trading strategies for Forex and Indices just like they do.

Beginner Program

The beginner Workshop is perfect for Newcomers to the markets who are interested in getting started with trading. You will receive over 250 pages of content. We will show you the things to do and the things not to do.


Intermediate Workshop

The Intermediate Workshop provides you with the essential skills and knowledge to build your own semi-automated trading systems to use with popular trading platforms like Meta Trader 4. It is available online so that you can access it worldwide or as an intensive 2-day workshop in-house.


The Intermediate Workshop is also available as an intensive 2-day workshop in-house. Click here to learn more.

Free AudioBook

Audible and I have teamed up to provide YOU with a FREE audiobook! Check out some of these great titles:

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Clean and accurate data is so important, you don’t want to making trading decisions on bad data. Premium Data is who I and many other traders rely on for their End of Day US and ASX stockmarket data.

They also have data that is free from survivorship bias PLUS you can even get Futures and Forex data from them too.

Don’t risk your money on bad data, it’s just not worth it.

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Quantocracy is a curated mashup of quantitative trading linksKeep up with all the quant goodness with their daily summary.

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