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pardologoMany firms and large individual traders do not have the research and development expertise, capacity, or infrastructure required to correctly optimize and validate their trading strategy. Consistent and profitable trading is a most difficult and challenging undertaking. The expertise required to develop, optimize, validate and implement a robust trading strategy is difficult to source and retain and even more challenging to develop organically.

Pardo & Company offers a full range of consulting services to bridge this gap for trading firms who aspire to be the best in their field. We cover all aspects of technical and quantitative analysis including, strategy creation, design, optimization and validation as well as all aspects of risk and portfolio management. We understand that each project is unique and carefully tailor our approach to achieve your desired results. You can consider Pardo & Company to be your trading strategy “expert system”, filling any organizational or capability gaps and allowing you to establish a world class systematic trading operation.

Consulting Services with Pardo & Company

Pardo & Company gives you access to the skilled resources of Bob Pardo and his team. A selection of our major consulting projects we have delivered include:

  • Translation of a trading strategy into a form which can be computer tested and automated to enable our client to validate, evaluate its profitability and risk and trade their strategy objectively if it proves to have a positive expectancy
  • Improvement of an existing strategy to increase the profitability, reduce the risk and increase consistency of returns achieved by our client
  • Validation of an existing strategy to prove that it will very likely produce similar risk adjusted performance in real-time trading thereby providing the client with the confidence to put the strategy into production and to follow it in good times and bad
  • Creation of a risk and portfolio management framework to enhance and stabilize returns and reduce risk in our client’s portfolio
  • Creation of a complete trading strategy and portfolio to either start a client’s trading program to create returns or to diversify our client’s current portfolio and improve returns
  • On-site training and consultation with client’s research staff to enhance in-house capability to create and reliably test robust trading strategies and portfolios that perform in real-time as they do in their development stages

Consulting Engagements offered by Pardo & Company

bobConsulting engagements with Pardo & Company range from a brief phone consultation through to multi-month projects depending on the level of support you require. For higher levels of strategic support Bob can also be retained on a monthly basis for ongoing consultation and mentoring. We can contract to do all of your testing and development on an ongoing basis – supplementing, or acting as your research department.

Clients with their own research staff who are looking for the most robust strategy development processes will benefit from Pardo & Company’s Licensing Process. We can now license the entire research and development process which created XT99 Diversified and more recently the Pardo Renaissance program. This provides you with best in class strategy development processes to supercharge the quality of your R&D.

Bob has created time proven and highly profitable trading programs, and through Pardo & Company he can do the same for you.

Finally, Pardo & Company is also now offering a unique service called Pardo Strategy Certification. This provides a trader, hedge fund manager or commodity trading advisor with independent, third-party certification of the performance and robustness of a strategy or portfolio

Contact Bob Pardo now for your complimentary consultation on how Pardo & Company can improve your strategy development processes and trading performance. You can reach Bob directly at [email protected] or +1 847-657-7887.

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