162 – Building effective entries and exits – Kevin Davey

Glad you could join us today for a discussion on what is probably one of the most popular topics in trading, and that is entries and exits.

Traders love talking about entries, but the truth is, when you dig deeper and test them out, you might just discover lots of entry and exits techniques either don’t actually work very well at all or don’t work as well as expected.

So, how do traders know what makes a good entry or exit?

How do we go about building effective entries and exits for our trading strategies?

Well, in this podcast episode we dig deeper into entries and exits with special guest Kevin Davey.

Kevin has just released a book on entries and exits, so we’re going to dig into that a little and discuss a number of other aspects of entries and exits too, including:

  • What makes a good entry – logic, symmetry, indicators, patterns or something else?
  • How to test the effectiveness of an entry to determine if it’s any good,
  • An unexpected way to use entries that could radically improve your trading strategies,
  • The hidden dangers of combining and optimizing exits,
  • A simple technique to determine if you could be optimizing too much,
  • Where to find enough entries and exit ideas to keep you busy for a year,
  • Plus, much, much more.

Let’s get started with my chat with Kevin on entries and exits.


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