200 – “Using market noise to improve strategies” – Martyn Tinsley

Martyn Tinsley from TradeLikeAMachine joins us to discuss market noise, and how to leverage noise to improve trading strategies, including:

  • Why it’s important to understand market noise,
  • The impact of market noise on trading strategies,
  • Using noise to filter assets and timeframes,
  • Example of impact of market noise on Mean Reversion strategies,
  • The best strategies to trade in noisy markets,
  • The difference between noise and volatility,
  • Harmonic price patterns, instantaneous noise filtering, trading currency pairs, signal lag in noise indicators, repeatable patterns vs indicators and much more!

You can discover more from Martyn at https://www.tradelikeamachine.com. Also, make sure you check out his video series “Understanding Market Noise” here: https://youtu.be/1z09UFOJ-G4

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