178 – How to build Mean Reversion trading strategies – Stefan Friedrichowski

The verdict is in…

Afrotechmods said: “I think this is the most informative guest you have ever had! Thank you both.”

SWL China said: “Thank you for sharing.”

And even my own mum got in on the action saying: “Pretty good job Andrew, but why don’t you brush your hair before you switch the camera on?”

What am I talking about?

On this episode of BST Live, Stefan Friedrichowski from JFD Bank joined us to discuss “how to build Mean Reversion trading strategies”, and it was an absolute cracker! 

Even if you’re not a Mean Reversion trader, you have to see this one. Here are just some of the tips and insights you’ll discover:

  • The “alarm signal” that got Stefan interested in Mean Reversion trading,
  • How to determine if a market is good for Mean Reversion or not,
  • How to reduce noise and increase the information content in trading charts, 
  • The danger of using a Mean which moves too fast,
  • How the distribution of 2 bar combinations gives clues about potential trading edges,
  • Adjusting the Mean length based on the timeframe of the chart, 
  • Stop loss vs take profit size, trading without a stop loss, degrees of freedom, statistical significance, sample size, entries, exits, and loads more.

You can discover more from Stefan at http://jfdbank.com and check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXeVEzYQ1ow too.

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