183 – Overcoming Broken Strategies – Marsten Parker

“Unknown market wizard” Marsten Parker joins us to share how he overcame broken strategies and adapted his trading to deliver a 20-year track record most traders would envy, including:

  • Being featured in the “Unknown Market Wizards” book by Jack Schwager,
  • The impacts of a 45% drawdown and how Marsten got back into trading,
  • How to use a system stop to protect your trading account from large losses,
  • Why it’s important to understand why a strategy works,
  • Mean Reversion short strategies, why they’re dangerous and how to mitigate some of the risk,
  • How to detect and protect yourself from a strategy that’s broken,
  • Uncertainty in the market and the future performance of strategies,
  • Equity curve trading, market speed, diversified strategies, tracking old strategies, indicators, market regimes and much more.

► You can discover more from Marsten at https://mhptrading.com

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