177 – Superior returns from superior risk management – Laurent Bernut

Ever wondered how to turn $10k into $100k (or more) in just 2 years (or less)?

Many traders have, especially early in their careers…

But how do professional traders achieve superior returns while also protecting capital. 

On this week’s episode of BST Live, Laurent Bernut from Alpha Secure Capital joined us to discuss “Superior returns from superior risk management”, and a new approach to risk management where you can put risk appetite on autopilot, protect capital and achieve superior returns.

Here are just some of the tips you’ll discover:

  • How to turn 10k into 1 million (or more) in just 2 years…,
  • How unrealistic trading expectations set you up for failure,
  • What is “superior” risk management and why investors are like teenage girls,
  • Concavity and Convexity Oscillators for dynamic risk management,
  • Position sizing with small accounts,
  • Why you should let the market dictate the risk for you,
  • How to judge the tradability of a strategy, plus
  • Emotional capital vs financial capital and which is more critical, Risk management after long periods of underperformance, mean reversion vs trend following, the problem with pyramiding into positions and MUCH more.

You can discover more from Laurent at http://alphasecurecapital.com and https://tradologics.com

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