181 – Short-term Swing Trading Techniques – Ivanhoff

On this BST live show, Ivan from Ivanhoff Capital joins us to discuss “Short-term swing trading techniques”. Here are some of the topics you’ll discover in this episode:

  • The 2 most important factors in swing trading,
  • Why short-term trading is better than longer-term trading,
  • Measuring market environment and detecting changes,
  • How to find the hot sectors in the market,
  • Shorting stocks and adapting to market corrections and downtrends,
  • Swing trading in choppy markets,
  • Stacking the odds in your favour,
  • High conviction setups, breakouts vs dips, protecting profits, trailing stops, time stops, swing trading psychology and much more.

► You can discover more from Ivan at http://ivanhoff.com  

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