202 – “Buying pullbacks, avoiding bear markets” – Larry Tentarelli

Larry Tentarelli from Blue Chip Daily joins us to discuss techniques to buying pullbacks and avoiding bear markets, including:

  • Determining the trend with price action and why price action is better than indicators,
  • Using volatility and range expansion as warning signs,
  • Impact of the index on individual stocks,
  • Managing trades when markets are breaking down,
  • Reliability of moving average crosses,
  • Clues that indicate a pullback may be turning into a bear market,
  • Using market internals to identify potential turning points,
  • Plus, systematic rules vs discretionary trading, trading in a bear market, controlling the urge to overtrade, scaling-out of positions, sector rotation and selection, what to watch for in the markets right now, and much more.

You can discover more from Larry at https://bluechipdaily.com

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