New Volatility Based Trading Techniques with Rob Hanna

The Volatility Index (VIX) is used by traders to determine when the stock market (S&P) is getting “too risky”, so they can protect their trading accounts from losses.

Could traders be using it wrong?

Is there an even better way to time the markets and reduce risk?

In this episode, discover the new secrets of volatility-based trading with Rob Hanna. Rob shares his award-winning insights into using the VIX and SPX to time the market, challenging conventional wisdom and uncovering new strategies for volatility trading. Whether you’re an advanced trader or just looking to refine your approach, this podcast is packed with valuable tips and actionable advice.

Some of the key points you’ll discover:

  1. Why conventional wisdom using VIX for market timing could be all wrong,
  2. Does VIX movement really predict market moves or is there a better way,
  3. How SPX signals can be more effective than VIX signals,
  4. The best indicators for predicting short-term market movements,
  5. Practical strategies for trading VIX instruments,
  6. How quicker VIX recovery can be leveraged to reduce the length of drawdowns,
  7. Plus a simple VIX model that uses SPX movements to time the market (the opposite of what most traders do), and much more!

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A new approach to trading volatility – with Rob Hanna

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