The new indicator that improves momentum trading signals – Alex Spiroglou

A Bloomberg study discovered MACD is the second most popular indicator after the RSI.

But the MACD has BIG problems.

And in this episode, Alex Spiroglou shares the solution. Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • The issues with MACD and why it’s often not a good indicator to use in momentum trading,
  • The updated MACD-v indicator that overcomes all the traditional issues to give more accurate trading signals,
  • How to use MACD-v as a regime filter, a trend filter, and improve signal accuracy to avoid false divergence signals,
  • How the Momentum Lifecycle Roadmap provides traders with a comprehensive view of market conditions and potential trading opportunities,
  • Why a multi-timeframe and multi-factor approach works and how to integrate it with MACD-v,
  • Tips for integrating MACD-v into your trading process and much more.

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