103 – A brand new, more responsive indicator with John Ehlers

Indicators often form a large part of trading systems, however there are a number of issues caused by indicators that can result in under-performing trading strategies, like:

  • they’re reactive, instead of predictive,
  • they have alot of lag, which means they’re slow to respond to the markets, and
  • they can often give you a signal too late so you’ve already missed some of the move or even a large part of the move!

Today we talk to John Ehlers who is going to share with us a brand new indicator that he’s developed that overcomes alot of these issues. This new indicator:

  • Minimises lag,
  • Is very responsive to the market, and
  • Gives a fast indication of turning points.

Plus at the end of the chat we share how you can get a FREE copy of this new indicator to try it out for yourself.

Download a FREE copy of Johns new indicator – the ‘Forward Reverse EMA’

Want a copy of Johns new indicator? Click the blue banner below to download it for FREE and start testing it with your own strategies (available in EasyLanguage, AFL, MQ4 and R only).

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