101 – Trading Price Patterns with Brent Penfold

Most trading strategies are built to find repeatable patterns in the market and then attempt to exploit any future occurrences of the pattern to make a profit.

There are lots of different ways to find patterns, and in this episode Brent Penfold talks to us about patterns in price action.

Brent is a full time trader, author, educator and licensed Futures Advisor, and in our chat you will learn:

  • Why it can be better to focus primarily on price instead of a collection of indicators,
  • How to identify patterns in price action,
  • The dangers of trading stocks and why Futures are a superior trading instrument for active traders,
  • How a ‘universal dataset’ can lessen the risk of datamining,
  • How to blend individual systems into a portfolio to produce smooth equity curves.

PLUS, we announce the lucky winner of the Better System Trader ‘Super-package’ giveaway, worth almost $20,000!

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