Final day to enter the 100th episode trading giveaway

There is no podcast episode today, just an announcement and a reminder.

First, the announcement:

The podcast episode for today will be released on the weekend instead, so we can also announce the lucky winner of the 100th episode giveaway which closes very soon!

Plus we’ll have a special guest to talk about trading stuff too, so listen out for the podcast episode we release this weekend.

The reminder:

Entry for the trading giveaway I ambitiously named ‘The Ultimate Better System Trader Super-Package’ closes in just:

Cheesy title aside, it really is an awesome giveaway.

You could win a load of prizes, worth almost $20,000, including:

  • #1: The System Trading Unleashed course
  • #2: The Market Internals Course
  • #3: The Market Internals PRO upgrade
  • #4: The Building Robust Trading Strategies Masterclass with Robert Pardo – updated to v2.0
  • #5: The Breakout Strategies Masterclass

Plus a bunch of valuable bonuses…

And one lucky trader is going to win it ALL.

So, if you haven’t entered yet, click here for more details on the prizes and how to enter.

Good luck!



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Episode Released:

15 June 2017

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