059 – Reducing Drawdown with Scott Phillips


Who wants a steadily rising equity curve with little or no drawdown? I’m sure most traders do, but unfortunately it doesn’t usually end up that way.

Drawdown is a big part of trading and can be one of the the biggest challenges traders face, so what techniques can we use to potentially help reduce drawdowns?

Our guest for this episode, Scott Phillips, is going to share techniques he uses to manage drawdowns in his own trading.

In our chat you will learn:

  • How to quickly test a trading idea to determine if it’s worth more investigation
  • Why it’s so important to understand market types, the impacts it could be having on your trading results and how you can leverage this knowledge to create strategies with enhanced performance
  • How to improve your trading results through better trade management and multiple exits

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Resources mentioned in this episode

  • Scott can be contacted on [email protected]
  • You can read some of Scotts trading and system development articles on EvilSpeculator.com here
  • Books mentioned in the show:

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