110 – George Costanza Tip for Traders

Today I want to share with you one of my favourite Seinfeld episodes ever.

It’s the episode where George Costanza realises that all of the decisions and actions he’s taken throughout his life have been the wrong ones.

So he decides to do everything the opposite.

He’s in the diner with Jerry and Elaine and he sees an attractive woman sitting up at the counter who seems to be interested in what he’s doing, glancing over at him.

Instead of sitting back and doing nothing about it he does the opposite…

He approaches the lady, announces that he’s a short, bald, unemployed man who still lives with his parents, and…

She immediately goes out with him!

Later on, he gets an interview for a job with the New York Yankees and during the interview he gets an opportunity to meet the owner.

Instead of sucking up to the owner, he does the opposite and tells him how much the team sucks, how he’s done a poor job managing it, making stupid decisions etc, and…

The owner immediately hires him!

Every time George does the opposite of what he would usually do, it works out well. He succeeds.

And guess what?

It can sometimes be the same with trading too…

Listen to the audio to find out how.

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