109 – Adaptive Trading Systems with Brian Miller

The markets are in a constant state of adaptation.

Conditions change.

Strategies fall in and out of sync with the market, causing periods of good and poor performance.

So what can we do to improve consistency by making our systems adapt better to changes in market conditions?

Our guest for this episode, Brian Miller, is from Optimized Trading, and in our chat he shares with us:

  • Why implementing adaptability into strategy design is so important and some techniques you can use to create adaptive systems today,
  • Why market classification needs to be considered and the types of approaches you can use to classify the market,
  • How to pursue a multi-model structure that adjusts dynamically to changing market conditions,
  • Plus much more.

Note: This is the 1st part of 2 recordings, look out for the 2nd part coming soon!


You can learn more from Brian at optimizedtrading.com or on his blog – Check it out!

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