131 – Which strategies work in low volatility environments?

I’ve just arrived back home from a few weeks in the States, I had a great time there but it’s also good to be home.

I’m a bit jet-lagged today so let’s hope what I share today actually makes sense, wish me luck!

A few weeks ago I had the honour of speaking at the ATAA members meeting here in Melbourne.

I presented for about an hour and the topic of my presentation was ‘7 practical tips to reducing drawdown’.

In this weeks Trading Thought I want to share a quick story from that and how it applies to Mean Reversion in low volatility environments.

In part 1 of the Mean Reversion series, Cesar made a statement about Mean Reversion strategies not performing so well in low-volatility market regimes, and I received a number of emails asking what type of strategies DO work in low volatility environments, so…

In this week’s Trading Thought I want to share a quick little sneak-peek into the next Mean Reversion episode with Cesar, due for release in a few weeks, where he answers this question, plus much more.

It’s only short, but let’s take a listen to Cesar sharing what he’s found to work in low-volatility market regimes.

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