156 – Where is technology taking us? – Dr Tom Starke

A common dream sold to traders, especially when they’re starting out,  is the dream of sitting back on the beach sipping cocktails while our trading systems go to work and make us money.

While certain aspects of that dream are possible, for example automated trading, traders still need to do a lot of work to get to that point.

We’ve got to research the markets, find trading edges, do testing and robustness checks, monitor strategies and systems, tweak and adjust where required…

It’s really not as simple as the dream sounds.

But with recent advances in technology, including AI, machine learning and quantum computing, are we close to having fully autonomous trading systems?

That is, can systems really learn trading rules themselves, find profitable edges and trade them, while we do sit back on the beach, boat or couch sipping cocktails and counting our money?

In this podcast episode we’re going to explore how recent advances in technology are impacting the trading space now and where it could be taking us in the future.

And to do that we have special guest Dr Tom Starke from AAAQuants.

Tom specialises in AI and machine learning solutions and he has some interesting insights to share with us, so let’s get started now and jump over now to my chat with Dr Tom Starke.


  • You can learn more from Tom on aaaquants.com or twitter @aaaquants
  • You can find out more Ernie Chans quant workshops at quantworkshops.com
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