158 – Is the Bull market in Stocks over? – Troy Bombardia

With recent market stock market actions, talk again is turning to whether this is just another correction.

Will the bull market resume or are we in the beginning stages of a bear market?

In this episode we have a timely look at the market with Troy Bombardia from investment research firm Fundamental Capital and the website BullMarkets.co.

Troy worked in his family’s fund for 9 years, and applies a unique mix of Fundamentals, Technicals, and Statistics to his trading models.

In my discussion with Troy today, you’re going to discover:

  • Why Technicals alone can’t give an accurate reflection of the long-term market view and what you need to incorporate instead,
  • Why lots of traders that use fundamental analysis are doing it wrong and which fundamentals really drive stock market declines,
  • The difference between a bear market and a “big decline” and the conditions to watch out for in each,
  • Why leading economic indicators are also leading stock market indicators, and how to read them to prepare for potential market changes,
  • What the economic indicators are saying about stock market conditions right now, including when the Bull market could be ending and the final step to watch out for as it unfolds,
  • The importance of reflection in trading, and the 2 key aspects traders need to focus on to always be improving,
  • And much more.


  • You can find more from Troy on bullmarkets.co
  • Books mentioned on this episode:

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