Here’s what happened when I spilt the beans

Happy Monday!

Actually, I used to think that statement was an oxymoron before I quit my corporate life.

And in fact, my hatred of Mondays used to spill over into my Sunday evening too, once I realised the weekend was over and I had to go back to corporate slavery the next day, but life is good now I’ve escaped that!

Anyway, Mondays can be tough, so I thought it would be nice to start the week with some stories of success.

Just over a week ago we had a group coaching call with students of the Breakout Strategies Masterclass, where I presented my findings analysing 78 (yes 78 – not a typo) profitable crude oil trading strategies.

By analysing a decent number of trading strategies in just 1 market, I was able to find some commonalities between what worked and what didn’t, including things like the best timeframe, the best type of market filters to use, the best session times etc.

I spilt the beans…

And shared it all with the Masterclass…

(well everything except the trading rules, that part was up to them!)

It’s been just over a week since that coaching call and already we’ve got traders sharing the results of their own crude oil trading strategies based on the research I shared, like this response from Al:

And here are the out of sample results for Al’s crude strategy:

And the best thing is, Al isn’t the only one…

We’ve got other Masterclass students posting their results in the private community forum too, along with their own research into what’s working for them.

James created 8 different strategies based on the research:

Being part of an exclusive community of like-minded traders is awesome, sharing our ideas, research and helping each other to succeed.

If you’d like to learn more about how Al, James, myself and the rest of the Breakout Masterclass are building robust breakout strategies (and join the private community too), you can get more details here.

Have a great week!



12 March 2018

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