With all the strength of an asthmatic chihuahua puppy…

It was a pretty warm weekend here in Melbourne, and on hot days I bring out the inflatable pool for the kids to paddle around in.

But I have a rule…

It only comes out on really hot days because it takes me AGES to setup…

It can literally take me an hour of strenuous work in the heat to get it all ready, so I want to make sure the kids really do use it.

Why does it take so long to set up?

Because I use a crappy little foot pump to blow it up.

That’s right, I use an old foot pump that I think was designed for camping back in the 1950s, and it looks like it’s been passed down through the generations too.

Every time I push my foot down on that pump, it blows out a pathetic puff of air, with all the strength of an asthmatic chihuahua puppy…

So, I’m standing there in the heat, pumping like crazy, and for the first 10 minutes it looks like I’m getting nowhere.

And what make it worse is the expectant looks on the kids’ faces, as they stand around watching me excitedly.

But after just a few short minutes the questions start:

“Is it working dad?”

“Is it broken?”

Which then quickly moves to…

“How long is this going to take?”

And then soon after…

“I’m going inside, call me when it’s ready.”

I remember having these same thoughts building trading strategies.

At first it seems like you’re getting nowhere, putting in loads of time and effort and seeing very little results.

Then the questions and doubts come in, you start wondering ‘is it broken’ and you entertain the thought of just ‘going inside’ and waiting for something magical to happen.

But there are only 2 options here:

  • Keep working hard at it, pumping away and hopefully getting there eventually, or
  • Buying an ‘electric pump’ to speed up the process, getting it done quicker and with much less effort.

In the 14-day strategy challenge, we share a framework called the ‘MAC’ framework, that can dramatically speed up the process of creating profitable trading strategies.

The ‘M’ in MAC stands for ‘Model’, and with a proven model to building trading strategies not only do you have a defined and repeatable process, but you can automate large chunks of it too. It’s an incredibly powerful way to speed up the strategy creation process (and it takes much less effort!)

The MAC framework has already been used by hundreds of traders to build profitable breakout strategies, and it’s quick to learn. In the 14-day challenge we break it down into bite-sized pieces, so you can learn the process in just 14 days, without spending more than 35 minutes per day.

So, if you’re sick of ‘standing out in the heat, pumping like crazy and getting nowhere’, check out the 14-day challenge for a faster alternative.



14 March 2018

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