141 – Models are like unicorns with Kevin Saunders

We have a really interesting one here for you today, one that may challenge your existing thoughts on trading models.

I know this episode has certainly made me think about it from a different angle, so I hope you enjoy this.

Our guest for this episode is Kevin Saunders from Tribelet Capital.

Kevin is a specialist in electronic trading across many international exchanges, co-founding Non Correlated Capital in 2009, which later became a licensed CTA with more than USD 40 million under management.

He has won a bunch of awards for his trading and academic achievements, and he also developed a program here in Australia called the “Joey Experiment” which we’re going to talk a little bit about as well.

In our chat today you’ll discover:

  • Why traders must disentangle themselves from the requirement that a model must work and produce money – and the alternative approach that uses charts more predictable than the underlying market,
  • Why building a mathematical model is like creating a unicorn that doesn’t represent reality,
  • Why traders need to stop thinking about building a model as a ‘solution’ and how to think about it instead,
  • Plus much more.

Sounds interesting? Well let’s get started, and jump over now to my chat with Kevin.


  • You can find out more about Kevin at tribeletcapital.com.au
  • If you want to hear more from Kevin, along with many other top guests, join us at the 2018 ATAA conference. Check it out here.

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