123 – Will history repeat in 2017?

In this weeks Thursday Trading Thought we’re going to discuss a market pattern that was identified over 80 years ago, perhaps even longer, that could indicate what happens in the markets for the rest of 2017.

Now, I can imagine some traders are probably thinking, “who cares about some old, dusty trading rule from the 1900’s, surely that has no relevance to the markets today?”

Well, that’s what we’re going to discuss with our guest Brent Penfold, who is going to answer the following questions, plus more:

  • What is this pattern and can something identified over 80 years ago really have any relevance to trading today,
  • Does the pattern still work and what is it suggesting the markets could do for the rest of 2017,
  • And how could this pattern be applied to trading today?

Brent is even going to share 1 application of this pattern with some very interesting backtest results so you don’t want to miss that.

You can get a copy of Brents working paper here: “Decennial Pattern – Will History Repeat in 2017?

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