124 – Managing Trades with Linda Raschke

Trade management is a critical component of a trading strategy.

It can often be the difference between a profitable trade and a loss…

However many traders focus on the entry only and leave trade management as an afterthought.

In episode 49 of the podcast, Linda Raschke, said “trade management is probably the most neglected area of system development”.

In that episode we focused on Linda’s approach to modelling the markets but in this episode Linda is back to discuss trade management and exits, including:

  • Why trade management is such a neglected aspect of trading,
  • How to model different types of exits and the impact of market environments,
  • How volume and breadth measures can give clues to the tone of the market, and
  • How to use the power of relative strength to target the best markets to trade.


You can learn more from Linda at lindaraschke.net

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