207 – Preparing for a new trading year

3 amazing guests join us to discuss trading insights of the past year and how to prepare for a HUGE trading year ahead, including:

  • Getting better as a strategy builder,
  • Challenges building short index strategies,
  • Switching between old and new strategies,
  • Timeframes for short-term trading strategies,
  • Scaling out in volatile sideways markets,
  • When the next bear market will begin and the transition from Bull to Bear,
  • Trend following over the last few months,
  • “V” price movements in the markets,
  • Stop & Reverse and small stops in crazy markets,
  • Plus doing more of what works, old strategies that do well, algorithmic short selling and much more.

You can discover more from our guests at:

Kevin: kjtradingsystems.com

Laurent: alphasecurecapital.com

Scott: scottwelshstrategies.com

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