Cool runnings

Winter Olympics fever is here and there have been a number of standout stories so far.

One that has caught the attentions of many is the women’s Jamaican bobsled team.

Did you ever see the movie ‘Cool Runnings’ from the 90’s, which told the story of the men’s Jamaican bobsled team in the 1988 Winter Olympics?

The team had very little training, and it’s amazing that they even qualified at all…

But the real story is even crazier than the movie.

The movie didn’t reveal that the men were already at the Olympics and only decided to enter the four-man bobsled event with just 3 days’ notice, however they were 1 man short, so they had to recruit a 4th member (who had never been on ice before) and teach him everything they knew in just a few days.

And this Winter Olympics has gone a step further, with the first women’s Jamaican bob sled team, but they too had some challenges which made their appearance unlikely.

Just a few weeks ago their coach suddenly quit and claimed to own the sled, so they were without a coach and a sled, but they kept pursuing their dream and made it to the Olympics.

I think it’s fair to say that both stories have captured the hearts and imaginations of so many people, watching these unlikely teams work through adversity and achieve extraordinary things.

But it’s not just in sports that we see stories like that!

On the Better System Trader podcast we’ve heard from many traders who have succeeded against adversity to achieve extraordinary things too.

Which is exactly why I established Better System Trader 3 years ago:

To share similar stories in trading – to inspire, enlighten, and encourage traders from all around the world.

I’m delighted that with over 1,000,000+ downloads, each of our guests have helped to make the trading community better by sharing their stories and insights with us.

That’s why I’ve also decided to put their stories in written format with the ‘Interview with Pro Traders’ ebooks, so you can always access them, read them and go back to them whenever you need them.

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23 February 2018

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